Star Lake Good Neighbour Suggestions

Since we are all sharing the “Star Lake” the following is a list of considerations which will help us all enjoy our time together. You can download a copy of this document for printing HERE. Please also share it with your family, friends or renters who may be using your cottage.

– Non-powered craft including sailboats, canoes, paddleboats, and sailboards have the right-of-way over power-driven pleasure craft.
– Be aware of your speed, other water craft and of swimmers.
– Use a maximum speed of 10 km/hr within 30 meters (100 feet) of any shoreline.
– When operating a power craft, please accelerate slowly from the shoreline until you are 40 feet out.
– No wake in rivers or near docks.
– Be aware of the New Boating Regulations.
For more information, please see the link on our website about Boating and Water Safety.

– Operators of personal watercraft must be at least 16 years of age and have a Pleasure Craft Operators’ Card on board.
– Keep well away from small boats and people. Circling around boats, canoes, kayaks or swimmers poses a safety hazard.
– Avoid repetitive circling or buzzing, especially as a courtesy to other boaters and nearby property owners.
– When towing, regulations require an operator, spotter and a seat available for each person under tow.
– Due to high noise levels, please consider operating your PWC only in the middle of the lakes.

-Please keep the speed on our roads to 30 km/hr, and slower around blind corners. This will help to keep the road smooth, and you’ll be less likely to hit a bump with the bottom of your car.
-Wear a helmet when operating all-terrain vehicles and bicycles.

– Don’t bathe or wash hair in the lake, even organic soaps are harmful to our lake.
– Try to use phosphate-free soaps, shampoos, cleansers and detergents (especially dishwasher detergent): phosphates leach through septic systems and damage our lake.
– Refrain from using fertilizers anywhere near the water.
– Check your septic system to make sure it is working properly.
– Clean and flush all watercraft coming into the lake from other lakes to prevent the introduction of Zebra Mussels.
– Don’t throw garbage or cigarette butts on the roadside (this also attracts animals and could start a brush fire)
– Don’t throw empty bottles or cigarette butts into the lake.
– Obey all warnings regarding Fire Burning.
For more information, please see the link on our website about Water Quality and Environment.

-Night lights should be minimized, but where required aimed directly down onto your own property so that your neighbours can enjoy the night sky.
-Spot lights aimed out at your front yard and/or dock shine out across the lake directly at those across the water.
– Please use low wattage lighting where possible and turn them off when you can. Your neighbours will appreciate it!
For more information, please see the link on our website about Water Quality and Environment.

– Cottage communities are generally quiet places. In the evening, especially when there isn’t much wind, noise travels much farther than you would expect. Loud parties may be louder than you may realize and may be keeping your neighbours awake.

– Please restrict loud music to the inside of your cottage.
– Please refrain from making loud noises after sun down as a courtesy to your neighbours.
– Please advise your neighbors when you plan to hold a party or special event (wedding etc).

– Obey all warnings regarding Fire Burning.
– Fire Ratings Boards can also be found in four locations in Seguin as well as the local waste transfer site.
– Pick a site close to a water source, sheltered from the wind and away from logs, stumps, trees and overhanging branches.
– Never leave your campfire unattended and make sure it is fully out before you leave it.
For more information, please see the link on our website about Fire Safety.

– Please do not intentionally feed wild animals as they can become dependent on artificial food sources and lose their natural fear of humans and pets, as well as to attract other unwanted animals to your property.
– Keep household waste, compost and pet food out of reach from wild animals.
– Appreciate wildlife from a distance.
For more information, please see the link on our website about Bears & Wild Animals.

– Make sure you know where your pets are at all times when they are running free on your property.
– When walking your pet off your property, please keep them under control at all times and be sure to pick up their waste.