Thanks on Thanksgiving

Thank you to all the volunteers who came out to help clear the brush from the side of the road yesterday in order to make things safer for us all, including (but not limited to):

Bill Bergen
Brian DeWolf
Naomi DeWolf
Bryce Engelman
Jill Engelman
Brian Gee
Karen Gillies
Neil Gillies
Jim Kerley
Melaney Kerley
Alain Masson
Ann Masson
Brennan Palmer
Dawn Sendzik
Brian Sendzik
Harold Slater
Sara Slater
Brian Spiteri
Ralph Stone
Annie Stone
Ted Teetzel
*forepersons Efia & Ronan

**special thanks to Brian Gee who maintains three quarters of Morningside road all summer long to add to the safety of drivers and walkers.

Road Update – August 2017

We had a slow thaw this spring which saved us having to deal with any major repairs due to washouts. We did have some minor work to clean up some large potholes on the shared portion of the road and erosion at the big hills on both Morningside and Star Lake Woods – this was completed earlier in the spring once all the frost was out of the ground.

During the 1st week in June we had a full sized road grader in to grade the main roads, as well as a smaller grader which took care of the smaller portions and extensions of the entire road system. The intent was to crown the road as well as scrape the buildup along the edges of the road to allow water to drain from the road. Opening up the ditches and forming a good crown on the road is a work in progress and we’ll continue to improve these a bit each year.

Our focus this year was to put gravel on the individual roads, so everyone saw new gravel in front of their cottage. We ended up adding 28 loads of gravel and it was divided as follows: 1.5 loads on shared road, 7.5 loads on Morningside, 16 loads on SLW, and 3 loads on Hilltop. The main shared road could use more gravel as well, but the individual roads were in need of some attention. We will focus on the shared road again next year.

We have been looking into what would be involved in getting the Municipality to take over the summer maintenance on the shared road coming in off Turtle Lake Rd. and up to the ‘Y’. It looks like it may be possible, but there’s a few road blocks we need to address first.

Star Lake Woods washout August 30-31, 2016

Star Lake had some major rain during the day on August 31st, 2016. It caused some washouts on Star Lake Woods Road on the main section, at the bottom of the hill where the big culverts are, some large grooves on the big hill as well as bad flooding along Morningside.

Thanks to Everett Jacklin, who is always there for us in our time(s) of need, Star Lake Woods Road and Hilltop Lane are now drivable, but Morningside Drive is still underwater. Please check in on your neighbours to ensure they’re ok.

The lake level also rose over 40 inches, causing many boats to either sink or float away (some with their docks attached!). If you’ve lost anything or found anything along your shoreline, please let us know, and we’ll post it on our ‘Lost & Found’ page.

Here are some photos from the last two days.

Star Lake Woods Washout

slw rd washout before

Star Lake Woods Fixed



Bottom of the Hill Washout


Bottom of the Hill Fixed


Big Hill Grooves


Big Hill Fixed



Morningside is still currently underwater at the low point, so keep tuned on that. We will provide email updates to our members.

Morningside Washout

And a photo of the calm this morning, but with a boat floating in the middle of the lake, still attached to a dock.



Road Update – Spring 2015

Well the summer of 2015 is just around the corner and I am looking forward to a great season on the lake.  As the “Road Director”,  I can report that our cottage road is in reasonably good order this spring considering the cold snowy winter that has just passed. Fall of 2014 and this spring brought about very heavy rainfalls which left the the cottage road unpassable in two areas which Everett quickly patched to allow cottagers an exit out.  Beyond the repair of those areas, we are moving forward on a number of projects to further improve the road grade via gravel applications and grading. As can been witnessed on the main SLW road and Morningside where we applied gravel last year, post winter melt, these areas are in very good driving shape with a road crown still present for good drainage and minimal pot holes. This is an example of our intent for all roads with a focus on optimal drainage and long term low maintenance.  So looking forward to 2015 we are moving forward on the projects listed below.

Road Projects:

  • A 15 – Fall flood damage repair at the bottom of SLW large hill by large water crossing                              
  • B 15 – Spring flood damage at SLW & Turtle intersection – New pipe to be added and gravel and grading                                                    
  • C 15 – Morningside Rd Hill – Grading and gravel to remedy poor road track and mud conditions
  • D  15 – Grading and gravel application starting from where we left off last year on SLW heading north down the hill past Morningside over to A15 project area (stump removals)                                  
  • E15 – Gravel and grading on Morningside entry hill
  1. SLW Map

Looking forward to a Great Summer!!!!

Thanks for Your Financial Support

Martin Bliss

If you have any questions please contact me at