Late Summer Update

Thank you to all those who attended our Fun Day &/or Annual Meeting this summer.

If you’re a member of our association, you should have received the our email with the minutes from our meeting, treasurer’s report, contact list (and more) on August 29th, and a late summer update on September 16th (it sure feels like summer still!). Please contact us if you did not get these.




Funds Allocation Guidelines

We will be voting on the Funds Allocation Guideline in the Spring, after we’ve had a full fiscal year to test it out.

Voting will be done by email & phone.
There is no change in the Constitution or By-Laws regarding the Funds Allocation so a vote is not needed to implement it, but we will be voting due to the strong feelings from a number of our members.


Social Gatherings

In the new year, the board hopes to have more social gatherings for our association. The purpose is to have fun and get to know your neighbours.
To start, we are bringing back an old tradition of getting together on Thanksgiving weekend to help with road maintenance (many hands makes light work).

Please meet Thanksgiving weekend, Sunday October 7th 10am at the intersection of Star Lake Woods and Morningside and bring what you have to help such as: week whacker, chain saw, sheers, or just yourself with your gloves will be helpful.


Road Safety

Hopefully clearing some brush along the side of the road will help with visibility, but please remember to keep your speed slow. New speed limit signs are being installed.
There have been a few near misses at the intersection of Morningside Drive and Star Lake Woods Road due to visibility at that corner, so please slow down and be aware when approaching this intersection.


Lost & Found

There are a couple of docks (or dock pieces) and a kneeboard that are still missing from our members. If you know of anything that has floated up where it’s not supposed to be, please let us know and we will try and connect.

We’ve had very good luck with lost and found, buy and sell, general info on the Star Lake Cottagers Facebook Group, which is available to the whole lake, so try checking that out and posting there as well, if you’ve lost or found something. It’s a private group, so just ask to join:


Muskoka Lakes Association Membership?

We are about to pay our fees for the Muskoka Lakes Association water testing program, but wanted to check with you all to see if anyone else is a member of the MLA. We get a $30 discount for any member of our association who is also a member of the MLA, so please let us know.


Seguin All Candidates Meetings/Elections

The elections are approaching, and there are two all candidate’s meetings coming up.

Everyone with lakefront properties is encouraged to attend the All Candidates Meetings and to vote, as the occasional/summer people compose a lot of the tax dollars.

You will get in the mail, a PIN and you can vote by computer or phone.

You can check to see if you’re on the voting list by calling: 1-877-473-4846 (or drop into the township of Seguin office).

The two All Candidate Meeting dates are:

We hope so see many of you on Thanksgiving weekend, Sunday October 7th, 10am at the Y!

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