Winter Access Fees Now Due

Winter Access 2010 – 2011

For a number of years now, a group of cottagers has provided winter access for Star Lake Woods Road, Morningside Drive and Hill Top Lane.

The road is plowed approximately 25 times each winter at a total cost of $4300.00 for all the main roads. To operate equipment like the one in the picture above it costs $80.00 per hour and it takes approximately 2.15 hrs. for each plow.

Here’s the math:

$80.00 per hr. X 2.15 hrs. X 25 times = $4300.00

We have in the recent past established two groups of cottagers who pay to cover these costs.

Group A: Cottagers who stay at their cottage overnight during the winter. (in 2009/10 there were 15 cottagers)

Group B: Cottagers who do not stay overnight but they may come to check the cottage, shovel the roof, or have someone else do work for them. Everyone benefits from having the road plowed for example: emergency access, fuel delivery, Insurance purposes, earlier use of your cottage in the spring. In recent years cottagers in this group have been asked to contribute $50.00 to help with plowing costs.  The Director’s, at the May, 2010 meeting agreed to increase this amount to $75.00.

Note: The Winter Access Committee included in its report sections on “Benefits of Winter Access to All Cottagers” and “What other Associations have Done”.

You are encouraged to view this material at The Star Lake Woods Website under the Winter Cottaging Heading

The process established to determine payments and the collections of funds follows:

1. Group A cottagers have been contacted individually to confirm that they will use their cottage in the Winter of 2010/11 and to determine whether or not they need to have their driveway plowed.  If you want to be a Group A cottager, but have not been contacted, please contact Karen Gillies at

2. Group B cottagers are asked to make their $75.00 contribution immediately.

3.  The total of the $75.00 contributions from Group B is subtracted from the plowing cost of $4300.00 and the amount left to pay is divided equally among the cottagers in Group A (the over nighters).

Requests for payments from Group A for road plowing and driveways will be sent in mid November.

Our Contractor Mr. Jacklin has asked Karen Gillies to act as his secretary to send out information and to collect payments.

Please forward your payment to:
Mrs. Karen Gillies
P.O. Box 358
115 Star Lake Woods Road
Rosseau, Ontario P0C 1J0

Please make your cheque payable to: Everett Jacklin

Please note that we need the $75.00 contributions immediately to get the process started.

Winter Access Committee

Welcome to the new Star Lake Cottagers Website

Welcome to the new SLWA website!

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Fun Day 2010

On July 31st we met on Dobson’s Beach for an afternoon of Fun and games.  We had a group of 3 to 5 year olds who were very keen to participate in all of the Fun Day events. About 15 teenagers had a wonderful time playing Beach Volley Ball.  They were wonderful sports and had their own competition after the little ones were finished repeating all the Fun Day Events.  Thanks one and all for coming out to Fun Day.  Andrew won the Fishing Derby with a 3 1/2 pound Pike.  Grayson remains the  reigning Loon Caller. Esme won the wolf call with a spectacular wolf call. Keep practicing and we will see everyone again next year.

Older kids doing the Wheelbarrow Race
Older “kids” doing the Wheelbarrow Race
Cameron displays the ribbons he won at Fun Day
Cameron proudly displays the ribbons he won at Fun Day

Star Lake Fun Day, Annual Meeting & Corn Roast 2010

Saturday July 31, 2010 – Dobson’s Beach – FR110


Fishing Derby register at 7:00am
Fun Day events at 1:00pm
Star Lake Woods Association Annual Meeting at 7:00pm

$1 to enter, $20 prize
Weigh in at Dobson’s beach at noon

*All kids must be signed in by a parent
• Hot dogs • Drinks • Balloon Toss • Wolf Call • Swimming Races • Paddle-boat Races • Potato Sack Races • Football Toss • Kayak Races • Wheelbarrow Races • Volleyball • Bubbles • Loon Call • Guess the number of candies in the jar • Tug of War • Baseball Throw • Soccer Kick • Sneaker Kick •

1)  Presidents Welcome – Peter Mokriy
2) Fun Day –  Jill Engleman, Karen Gillies
3)  Vice Presidents Update for Morning Side and Star Lake Woods Association – Sara Slater,  David Donaldson
4) Treasurer Report – Barb Tierny
5) Road Report – Martin Bliss
6) Environmental Report – Will  Thurner
7) Web Page Status Update – Sara Slater
8) Potential Township Maintenance of Star Lake Woods Road – Peter Mokriy
9)  Boat Launch Facility – Peter Mokriy
10) Star Lake Woods Road Ownership – Peter Mokriy
11) Winter Road Committee Update – Neil Gillies
12) Closing – Peter  Mokriy

–  Please stick around afterwards for some corn, tea & coffee (+byob!) and to socialize with your cottage neighbours.