Spring Road Conditions

Happy Spring Cottagers,
We’re starting to see some signs of spring on Star Lake and unfortunately this also means spring road conditions. There’s a thicker ice/snow pack on Star Lake Woods and Morningside roads this year due to several thaw/freeze cycles we had this winter. Because of this, we’re experiencing icier road conditions, as well as seeing deeper ruts and potholes in the ice pack on the roads. These are the current conditions of the roads and they aren’t likely to get much better over the next few weeks or so as the ice melts and the frost comes out of the ground. Once the frost is gone, we hope for an uneventful spring with minimal flooding and no washouts and we can start to enjoy the cottage season. But until that time, if you’re planning a spring visit to the cottage, be aware of the unpredictable road conditions.
Director, Roads

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