Boat Launch Update

On September 19th Ted Weich & Brian Spiteri petitioned before Seguin Town Council, on behalf of approximately 110 signatories, on a request to further investigate options associated with a municipally maintained boat ramp on Star Lake. The following outlines the presentation to Council.

Click Here For Details of the September 19th Seguin Council Meeting about the Star Lake Boat Launch.

In response to this presentation, Council passed a resolution to identify logistics  associated with the development of a ramp. Mayor Bruce Gibson stated  that this is the first time the township will be considering taking the responsibility of creating a new ramp, versus supporting the maintenance of existing ramps. This may have been stated on the record as a clue moving forward that he may not want to set a precedent for all the other lakes within the Seguin jurisdiction. However, Councillor Buszynski countered the point by suggesting (this is not an exact quote)  a township so influenced by water should consider this within its mandate.

Councillor Ted Collins was instrumental in getting us to this stage and was prepared with the resolution in writing that “magically” appeared in Mayor Gibson’s hands just prior to the vote. In addition to Ted Collins support, Councillors Rod Osborne seemed to have a very good grasp of what we are looking for, as did Councillor Mario Buszynski. Councillors Susan Adams and Jack Hepworth also voted to approve the resolution.

Be aware that we are encouraging a ramp with no parking amenities. Councillor Osborne clearly understood a desire to minimize the use by transient boaters and reinforced the point that the ramp is something that is being used as an option that will allow lake residents more convenient access.

Special mention on the efforts put forward by Ted Weich to get the signatures and take photos that were included in the package to Council of other boat ramps within the township that could be used as comparisons to reinforce our position.

Is Star Lake getting a boat launch?

It seems that Star Lake might be getting a boat launch, according to an article in


Seguin to look into boat launch on Star Lake

Parry Sound North Star
By Paige Phillips

SEGUIN TWP. – As Star Lake Resort has announced it will no longer allow public access to its boat launch; Seguin council gave staff direction to look into options at their regular meeting on Monday, July 6.

Star Lake Resorts has been allowing public access to their private boat launch for the past 25 years, but will close their launch effective the 2016 boating season.

A letter to Seguin Township mayor Bruce Gibbon on the matter reads: “In the past we’ve allowed anyone to use our launch, for a small fee, but it’s getting to be a nuisance, a liability/insurance issue, and a safety issue. The launch is located at our swimming beach for children and it’s so shallow that people risk ruining their vehicles backing out far enough to launch almost any size boat.”

The letter also made note that, although there is one other known boat launch to allow access to Star Lake, with their launch closing, residents will “certainly feel it” when the Star Lake Resort boat launch closes.

“I actually went down there after I received your [mayor Gibbon’s] email on the weekend and I talked to the director of the Star Lake Road Resorts,” said councillor Ted Collins. “They’ve actually shut it down now for the summer – there is a chain length fence across it. There is, I believe, 110 cottages on Star Lake and there is no other access to Star Lake other than the one that they’re presently using at the end of Lynberry (Drive) but it’s not really a launch.” Councillor Collins further explained that, after also visiting this boat launch, it wasn’t suitable to be used as a boat launch.

“It’s going over some rocks on the other side of this bridge,” said Collins. “Apparently, I was told by the residents there, that Seguin has a lot right before the bridge on the right hand side on Lynberry (Drive) and apparently we have road access too right off of Star Lake Road but it’s right at a bend in the road and there is about a 30-foot steep climb to the bottom.”

Collins made it known that next season, council would have a problem on their hands as ratepayers will not be able to put their boats in that lake.

Mayor Gibbon said that he didn’t believe it fell under Seguin’s policy to provide access to all the township’s lakes. “However, having said that, I accept the fact, Ted, 110 properties on the lake, Star Lake is a fair sized lake, this sounds like a potential problem,” said mayor Gibbon.

Councillor Rod Osborne said that he wished to have a review of all boat launches in the township, having received multiple calls from residents in regards to various boat launches.

This item will go towards the budget review on September 8.

Council provided staff with direction to investigate the matter further to determine what the township owns and if anything can be done for the next boating season.

Star Lake Resort’s boat launch will be open at the end of the season to allow boaters to remove their boats from the lake.