Spring Road Conditions

Happy Spring Cottagers,
We’re starting to see some signs of spring on Star Lake and unfortunately this also means spring road conditions. There’s a thicker ice/snow pack on Star Lake Woods and Morningside roads this year due to several thaw/freeze cycles we had this winter. Because of this, we’re experiencing icier road conditions, as well as seeing deeper ruts and potholes in the ice pack on the roads. These are the current conditions of the roads and they aren’t likely to get much better over the next few weeks or so as the ice melts and the frost comes out of the ground. Once the frost is gone, we hope for an uneventful spring with minimal flooding and no washouts and we can start to enjoy the cottage season. But until that time, if you’re planning a spring visit to the cottage, be aware of the unpredictable road conditions.
Director, Roads

Springtime! – Road Conditions at Star Lake

Happy Spring Everyone,

It feels like a long winter even if it was not a harsh one. We would like to advise all cottagers that with spring, brings spring like conditions. The frost is not totally out of the ground and the road is in spring condition – pot holes, sink holes, mucky and mushy in some cases.


A reminder to those choosing to travel on Star Lake Woods Road, Morningside Drive and Hilltop Lane do so at their own risk and responsibility. Until the frost has lifted, the road will change everyday. It has been in fairly good shape but with the warmer weather and rain, the road will reflect the weather conditions.


The road is flooded on Morningside Drive, where it normally floods. The water has definitely gone down since last week, but there is still water covering the road from #31 to past #33. We’re not sure how deep it is, but you could probably get through with a 4 wheel drive truck. This picture was taken while standing in 2  inches of water about half way to #31 driveway:

Morningside Flooding


If anyone has a concern about driving through with a two wheel drive please feel free to contact usand we will do our best to relay messages but ultimately, it is upon the cottage owners own discretion and judgement, not the responsibility or liability of the Association nor the Board of Directors.


Here is the state of the ice on the lake today, April 31, 2018:
Star Lake Ice - April 30, 2018