Star Lake Woods washout August 30-31, 2016

Star Lake had some major rain during the day on August 31st, 2016. It caused some washouts on Star Lake Woods Road on the main section, at the bottom of the hill where the big culverts are, some large grooves on the big hill as well as bad flooding along Morningside.

Thanks to Everett Jacklin, who is always there for us in our time(s) of need, Star Lake Woods Road and Hilltop Lane are now drivable, but Morningside Drive is still underwater. Please check in on your neighbours to ensure they’re ok.

The lake level also rose over 40 inches, causing many boats to either sink or float away (some with their docks attached!). If you’ve lost anything or found anything along your shoreline, please let us know, and we’ll post it on our ‘Lost & Found’ page.

Here are some photos from the last two days.

Star Lake Woods Washout

slw rd washout before

Star Lake Woods Fixed



Bottom of the Hill Washout


Bottom of the Hill Fixed


Big Hill Grooves


Big Hill Fixed



Morningside is still currently underwater at the low point, so keep tuned on that. We will provide email updates to our members.

Morningside Washout

And a photo of the calm this morning, but with a boat floating in the middle of the lake, still attached to a dock.



Star Lake Woods Flooding

Just an FYI that the cottage area had a LOT of rain over the last few days, and the lake level has risen dramatically. If you’ve left anything by the shore, it may be sunk or missing. We have set up a page for lost & found items, so please contact us if you are missing anything or something has turned up that is not yours.

On Sunday, Star Lake Woods Road was underwater by the new culvert, and washed out closer to Turtle Lake Road. Please use caution if you are planning to head up to the area, as Seguin reports many other roads are in bad condition or not passable. You can check the Seguin website or for more recent updates, the Seguin Facebook Page.

Here are a couple photos and a video taken on Sunday September 21, 2014. Cars were able to pass the flooded area (1st photo and video) a few hours later, and a temporary detour was set up, thanks to Everett Jacklin, to get around the washout (2nd photo).



Seguin is currently listing the following:


Below is a list of the roads with current condition issues, some are not passable, others are down to one lane and or rough conditions. We are either actively at these locations or will be there as soon as priority will allow:

  • Rose Point Road
  • Lawson Cres
  • Three Legged Lake Rd (not passable)
  • Crescent Wood Rd
  • Robert’s Lake Road East (not passable)
  • Maplehurst
  • Lawson Bay Road (not passable by car)
  • Clear lake Rd (not passable)
  • Burgess Rd
  • Kellington Point Rd
  • Beachwood Dr (not passable)
  • McCarthy St
  • Nipissing Rd E
  • Nipissing Rd (off 141) (not passable)
  • Steels Rd
  • Blackwater Rd
  • Chain of Lakes
  • South Seguin Estates Rd
  • Star lake Rd (not passable)
  • McCauley Rd (not passable)
  • Turtle Lake Rd

Please proceed with caution on all Township roads as many have roadside washouts and streamers. This listing and it’s conditions will change as we move through the day, and we will update this page as changes occur.


Lost & Found

With the water level having risen so dramatically on Star Lake, you may notice that you either have new items floated up on your shore, or are missing items.

I’ll continue to post anything lost or found here on this post.


LOST from #92 Star Lake Woods  – tin boat with a 9.9hp mercury motor, green on the upper part and silver on the lower part.  (FOUND!)

FOUND at #25 Morningside – A notice from the OPP was posted at the cottage that a boat was found, but not there now. Hopefully the owner has retrieved it. There is also an orange and white paddle boat in their back yard with “Lot 18” written in white letters.