Star Lake Woods Association Newsletter, November 2016


Summer 2016 was another great summer on Star Lake. We had a hot dry summer with fire bans and a crazy centralized storm which washed out Star Lake Woods Road for the second time this year.


On July 16th, a good time was enjoyed by both adults and children. There were 14 children in attendance between the ages of 2 and 10 who took part in various events receiving a ribbon for finishing 1st, 2nd or 3rd place. Once again the water balloon toss was the favorite. The Wolf call was won by Cameron. Connor won the Loon call and the pail full of Sour Keys and Ring Pops with his correct guess.

Thank you to everyone who helped with the events. Especially to Karen for organizing the day, Jim & Lisa for cooking the hot dogs and Shirley for getting the ribbons and prizes.

Fun Day was once again held at what we all call “Dobson’s Beach” and I believe we cannot thank Shirley enough for allowing us to use it.



Contrary to an article written in the Muskokan, Star Lake is very healthy.

The newspaper article was in actuality speaking in regards to results from 2014 when there was a huge flock of geese in Morningside bay which caused a rise in some bacteria. However, when reading the article the author did not clarify this and it sounded as though our lake was “bacteria riddled”. Karen who diligently conducts the water testing every year and is also a member of MLA was in contact with them to let them know our concerns in regards to the article. Needless to say the Manager of MLA was not impressed by what she had read either and was in the process of contacting her committee.

A few tips and reminders to protect & preserve the shoreline:

Reduce or eliminate your use of commercial fertilizers, herbicides, pesticides or fungicides.

Do not clear-cut the shoreline. Maintain a natural shoreline including trees to support animal and marine life, and to prevent erosion.

Use phosphate-free and bio-degradable cleaning products that are phosphate-free and bio-degradable, to eliminate unnatural products entering our water system.

Reduce the load on your septic tank by conserving water, and ensure your septic system is maintained and re-inspected regularly to reduce bacterial contamination of the lake.

Make sure to keep your boat in good repair to reduce oil and gasoline spills into the lake.  One drop of oil can render up to 25 litres of water unfit for drinking.

When boating, always reduce your speed to eliminate the wake around marshes and nesting areas.  Treat both your human and animal neighbours with respect for our mutual enjoyment.


As you are all aware we had a few washout’s this year. The first one in March and the 2nd in August after a crazy centralized “drizzle of rain” poured over Star Lake.

Coming in from Turtle Lake Road onto Star Lake Woods Road
March 31st, 2016 5:04 pm was quite the sight for some of us. Thank goodness for a side by side to help those in need!


Curve at bottom of hill Star Lake Woods Road
March 31, 2016


August 30th, 2016 5:30pm
Same culvert which washed out in March


August 30th, 2016 6:14pm


August 30th, curve at bottom of hill.


Morningside Drive September 1st. As you can     see it has receded substantially.


Beautiful morning after! Until you looked out into the lake and saw debris floating in the water. Along with various boats, chairs, docks etc.


Everett Jacklin was quick to get the road passable on both occasions and the current Director of Roads is in the process of working on a more permanent solution to the culvert washout.

Ted Collins was present at the AGM this year speaking to the cottage association in regards to the Boat Launch and possible road grant. The road grant has not as of yet been implemented in Seguin but he hopes to one day have this particular By-Law passed. No concrete decision has been made by Seguin Council about the boat launch which was presented to them by Brain Spiteri and Ted Weich. If you are interested in some of the articles which have been printed in the Parry Sound Now you can go to these links:

Some changes to the Board:

  • Martin Bliss stepped down from Director Roads and Jim Kerley accepted nomination.
  • Sandra Stover stepped from Environment and Communication and position is still open.
  • Ralph Stone stepped from VP SLW/Hilltop and Melaney Kerley accepted nomination.
  • Sara Slater was nominated for secretary.

2015-2016 Board of Directors:

President  — Willi Thurner
VP SLW/Hilltop — Ralph Stone
VP Morningside — Mark Jay
Director of Roads — Martin Bliss
Treasurer — Pat Deane
Secretary — Melaney Kerley
Director of Environment and Communication — Dawn Sendzik & Sandra Stover

2016-2017 Current Board of Directors:

President — Willi Thurner
VP SLW/Hilltop — Melaney Kerley
VP Morningside — Mark Jay
Director Roads — Jim Kerley
Treasurer — Pat Deane
Secretary — Sara Slater
Director Environment — Dawn Sendzik

If anyone still requires information on Winter Access 2016-2017 please contact us and we can forward the contacts to you.

You may download a PDF version of this email on our ‘Newsletters‘ page.

2012 Newsletter, AGM Minutes, Treasurer’s Report, Contact List & Good Neighbour Suggestions

If you’re a member of the Star Lake Woods Association, you should have now received an email containing:

If you have not received this email, please let us know.

An update from the Winter Road Committee should be coming up soon!

Star Lake Woods Association 2011 Newsletter

Summer of 2011 has now come to an end, but what a beautiful summer it was.

After a cool, wet spring, summer of 2011 was perfect for cottaging.  Warm, sunny days kept the lake warm for swimming. Dry weather kept our road in good repair for driving. And summer stretched right through to Thanksgiving with a few sailboats and waterskiers out enjoying the extended season.

It used to be that cottages were closed up at Labour Day or Thanksgiving. More and more we’re keeping the cottage open longer or coming up all year long. The cottage season is no longer the window between school years.


Fun Day drew another crowd of young kids and teenagers for kayak races, balloon toss, potato sack races and of course the tug of war.

The day was perfect for Fun Day. The first fishing derby participants started at 7:00 am. By noon, Daniel Thurner won the Fishing Derby with a 21 inch pike.

Karen Gillies led the events and had all the kids running and hopping or swimming or paddling across the finish line.

Eric Jay won the Loon Call contest and Esme Engelman won the Wolf Call contest.

There’s lots of time to get working on your wolf and loon calls for next summer. We will send you information in the spring so you can mark the date in your calendar for the 2012 FunDay.



We have been testing the water in partnership with Muskoka Lakes Assocation (MLA) since 2007 and now have 5 years of data . At the annual meeting, Andrew Watson from the MLA

reported that our lake quality is very good. You can review the water readings on Star and other lakes at by clicking here.

We also learned about protecting our shoreline.  You can learn more at Muskoka Lakes Association. Here is an excerpt from their Guide to Healthy Shorelines:

Top 10 ways to protect your shoreline:

  1. Maintain a shoreline buffer and keep the rest of your property well forested.
  2. Limit your use of fertilizers, pesticides or herbicides.
  3. Use phosphate free soaps and cleaners.
  4. Ensure your septic tank is working properly and is puped out regularly.
  5. Manage the stormwater runoff from your property.
  6. Minimize boat wake near the shoreline.
  7. Avoid gas or oil spills.
  8. Build away from the shoreline.
  9. Preserve the aquatic plants in the riparian zone to protect against waves and erosion.
  10. Relax and let nature take its course.

Commitment to Star Lake water quality testing means we now have 5 years of trended data.


Winter Cottaging

In the winter of 2011, more cottagers than ever chose to come to Star Lake.

The Winter Access Committee reported at the Annual Meeting that 67% of the membership paid to have the road plowed during the winter 2010 -11 season.  Information regarding the winter road program options for 2011-12 will be sent separately.


On a sunny day during March Break, a group of several families got together for sleigh rides, skating, snowmobile and ATV rides – and a barbecue on the lake.  Weather permitting we will host the event again in March 2012.  We will keep you posted. Come and join us if you can!!!!!




Road Report

2011 Projects completed:

  • Emergency patch to culvert at the bottom of the Big Hill
  • Replaced collapsed culvert pipe in area C near road ‘Y’ split
  • Area B ditching and a single lane gravel topping was applied
  • Road grading throughout

Immediate Priorities:

  • Area D: Proper repair to culvert at bottom of Big Hill
  • Area C: There is another collapsed pipe at the Y split
(click here to see full map)                      

Please note that fees have increased to $300 annually and will be due April 1, 2012

Cheques should be sent to our treasurer Pat Deane. If you would like, you can post-date your cheque for  2012.


There are lots of ways to get involved

Talk to any of the directors about ways you can get involved in the Association. Think about joining one of the committees like Winter Cottaging, Communications, Fun Day or Water Testing. Or start a new one. It doesn’t take a lot of time and you can get to know your neighbours better.   Here is the current board of directors:

President – Peter Mokriy
VP Morningside – Will Thurner
VP SLW/Hilltop – Neil Gillies
Director Roads – Martin Bliss
Director Environment – Jodi Donaldson
Treasurer – Pat Deane
Secretary – Elizabeth Kuzian
Recreation and Safety Committee – Melany Smith
** Download this Newsletter or previous Newsletters, on our website HERE.

Star Lake Woods Association 2010 Newsletter

2010 Newsletter and Review of the Annual Meeting



We have a couple of new families in our Association this year – we would like to welcome Jean & Hans Hitzler at Star Lake Woods #139, and Bryan & Joy Bennett at Morningside #51. As always, we would like to thank Shirley Dobson for use of her beach for Fun Day, the Annual Meeting and Corn Roast, and thanks to all the Directors and various committees for their hard work this year.



This year the Directors launched the new website for the Star Lake Woods Association at  We are working on populating all the sections of the website, and hope to be able to use it as an effective means of communication with our members.  Thank you to Sara Slater for building the new site!  Bookmark the site and register to be notified automatically when there are updates.



President – Peter Mokriy
Past President – Mike Tierney
Vice President Morningside – David Donaldson
Vice President Star Lake Woods/Hilltop Lane – Sara Slater
Director Environment – Wilfred Thurner
Director Roads – Martin Bliss
Board Member-At-Large – Jodi Donaldson
Treasurer – Barb Tierney
Secretary – Elizabeth Kuzian
Environmental Committee – Karen Gillies
Road Committee – Ted Weich
Communication Committee – Jill Engelman
Recreation & Safety Committee – Melany Smith/Jill Engelman/Karen Gillies




Fun Day was held on Saturday, July 31, 2010.  A great time was had by all who attended.  Thank you to all who helped in any way. To catch a glimpse of some of our fun see Fun Day 2010 under “Recent Posts” on our site.  Everyone is welcome to come and participate in Fun Day so hope to see you next year.




With 2010 nearly behind us, we would like note that a couple of key projects have been completed on Morningside in early summer, culvert grading and gravel applied to SLW in the fall, along with the general grading of all roads throughout the cottage season. All contained within our budget shortfall.

Looking forward to 2011, quotes for are being collected for next season’s weekly road maintenance along with area projects that require service for the long term. Refer to the “Road Update” site page for project areas that are being quoted and will be assessed on priority basis against next years budget. Remember, your support to seasonal fees is key to improving Star Lake Woods’ roads.




Just a quick update on the water quality of Star Lake.  Our resident expert, Karen Gilles, who does all our water testing, reported that the water quality of Star Lake this past summer was in excellent condition.  The main factor which contributed to this was the lack of rain.  An over-abundance of rain washes all surface contaminants into the lake.  This is why it is imperative to keep your shore line as natural as possible.  Will Thurner spoke with a friend who has a cottage on Horseshoe Lake who said that the lake was infested with algae earlier in the year.  In laymen’s terms there is “good algae” and “bad algae”.  The ministry closed the lake for safety concerns to test for which kind it was.  The tests came back as the good kind and the lake was re-opened.  However, because of the media attention and the overly cautious ministry, the reputation of the lake has been soiled.  This is the main reason why we monitor the quality of our lake.




The Winter Access Committee created in 2009 has formalized the winter access initiatives for Star Lake.  You should have already received information about snow plowing of the main roads for 2010/11 either by regular mail, e-mail or the Star Lake web site.  You were asked to choose if you want to be part of Group A or Group B.  If you haven’t made your choice known, you’ll need to do that soon.  Snow starts early at Star Lake! If you need more information please contact or look under  Winter Access Fees Now Due under “Recent Posts”.  We intend to make additional postings over the winter to keep you informed of conditions/activity on the lake.



I have meet with the Township Council on numerous occasions.  They have indicated that there is no possibility for a public boat launch.  Many of you have heard that there are no funds available to build a boat launch.  This is true but not the main reason. The main reason is that there is no Public Land available anywhere on Star Lake to build the launch.  We as a association could purchase land privately and build a launch.  The concerns with this are the upfront Capital Investment and ongoing maintenance costs as well as the liability in using the launch as it would be private.



The Board of Directors have decided that in the best interest of the association we will not be pursing the ownership of the road.

The key reasons are:

1)     Initial Capital Investment

2)     Liability to the Association

As per Peter’s message at the general meeting you are all encouraged to ensure that your deed specifically states that you have the “Right of Way” to access the roads.