Early Summer Update, Dates for the Annual Meeting & FUN Day

A note was just sent to our membership announcing the upcoming dates for our Annual Meeting and FUN Day. These can always be found in the side bar of the website.


Our Annual Meeting will be held on Saturday July 21st at #115 Star Lake Woods Road

Our FUN Day will be held on the August long weekend, Saturday August 4th (Rain Date August 5th) at #110 Star Lake Woods Road


We would like to remind cottagers to be aware of their wake when boating. Star Lake Woods Association recommends the Safe Quiet Lakes guide of: “SLOW DOWN, BOW DOWN”. Near shore (within 30m) speed should be a maximum of 10km/h to avoid large wake.

Please see the following two links:


Our water testing program with the MLA, has begun. If anyone is a member of the MLA, please let us know as we get a discount for each member of our association who has joined. The cost is $120 annually, which includes their Advantage Card, giving you discounts at participating retailers.

You can see the results, in our post, here.


Below is the proposed Agenda for the Annual Meeting:
Opening Remarks
Treasurer Update
Road Update
Water Quality
Quiet Waters
Road Update
Agreement to the By-Laws Constitution *(See Funds Allocation Policy below)
Winter Roads** See note below

** It is proposed that the winter road become an official part of the Star Lake Woods Association. The fee structure would remain the same, but would run through the SLWA account and have separate book keeping. As this is a change in our Constitution, there will need to be a vote on this, which we will do by email, in the weeks following the meeting.

* the agreement to be added to the By-Laws will be as follows:

Funds Allocation Policy

Money collected from the members of the Star Lake Woods Association shall be kept in three separate (booking keeping) accounts for:
a) Star Lake Woods Rd/Hill Top Lane’s remaining funds
b) Morningside Drive’s remaining funds
c) Common expenses, including the common road to the “Y”, Water Testing, Social Events, Administration Fees, etc. and Reserve Fund Common Road (suggest a balance kept of $4000, 30% from Morningside, and 70% from Star Lake Woods/Hill Top)

The treasurer will work with the road manager to advise how much money is available for use on each section of road.

The road manager will work with the President and Vice Presidents from each side to decide on any projects to be done on a yearly basis.


A report from our Treasurer was also included with the email


Our roads held up very well though the spring thaw with no washouts or major repairs. The road has just been graded and we will be adding gravel to the main shared portion from Turtle Lake Rd to the ‘Y’, as we discussed last year at the AGM. We hope to have this completed before the July long weekend (weather permitting).

If you’re a member of the Star Lake Woods Association, and didn’t get the email, please check your spam folder. If you still have not gotten our email, please  contact us and let us know, and we can check that we have the correct email address for you.

2016 Water Quality Report

Happy 10 year anniversary of water testing on Star Lake with the MLA’s Water Quality Initiative.  As we had into our 11th testing season, Sara, Karen & Melaney attended the training at Rosseau Lake College to learn all the new protocols this year.Water testing for the 2017 season begins next weekend on Star Lake.

Below are the results for the 2016 season. You can download the full report on every lake in the program, from every year, on the MLA website, here.

Please check out other different ways which you can contribute to Keeping Our Lake Healthy. The MLA also has some good tips on their ‘Water Quality Resources‘ page.

Let us know if you’d like to be involved and help out!

2014 Water Quality Report

Water testing for the 2015 season has already begun on Star Lake.

Below are the results for the 2014 season.

Star Lake Woods - Water Quality Results - 2014You can view the Star Lake results in PDF format, or download the MLA’s full report on every lake in the program.

Please check out other different ways which you can contribute to Keeping Our Lake Healthy. The MLA also has some good tips on their ‘Water Quality Resources‘ page.

Let us know if you’d like to be involved and help out!


Welcome Back Summer 2015

Hello Cottagers:

We hope everyone had a pleasant winter and are getting ready to head north. The road has held up quite well over the winter. Putting down all the stone last year really helped preserve the road. Since the long weekend is a little early this year and there is still frost in the ground, we will not be grading the road before the weekend. We have been given reports that it is acceptable for driving. We have five major projects planned for the upcoming season and are getting quotes from two main vendors. The majority of this work will be done in the next two weeks. If you have not paid your dues for this upcoming season we would really appreciate that you take care of this asap as the road work will commence very shortly. We will also send out one more communication after the executive meeting this weekend giving you more details on the road, fun day, fishing derby, agm, water quality, etc. We hope everyone has a great summer season and look forward to seeing everyone on the lake.


Star Lake Executive