Thanks on Thanksgiving

Thank you to all the volunteers who came out to help clear the brush from the side of the road yesterday in order to make things safer for us all, including (but not limited to):

Bill Bergen
Brian DeWolf
Naomi DeWolf
Bryce Engelman
Jill Engelman
Brian Gee
Karen Gillies
Neil Gillies
Jim Kerley
Melaney Kerley
Alain Masson
Ann Masson
Brennan Palmer
Dawn Sendzik
Brian Sendzik
Harold Slater
Sara Slater
Brian Spiteri
Ralph Stone
Annie Stone
Ted Teetzel
*forepersons Efia & Ronan

**special thanks to Brian Gee who maintains three quarters of Morningside road all summer long to add to the safety of drivers and walkers.

One Reply to “Thanks on Thanksgiving”

  1. Great work people!!!
    Unfortunately, we weren’t up at the cottage this long weekend. However, we do appreciate your efforts.

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