Star Lake Woods washout August 30-31, 2016

Star Lake had some major rain during the day on August 31st, 2016. It caused some washouts on Star Lake Woods Road on the main section, at the bottom of the hill where the big culverts are, some large grooves on the big hill as well as bad flooding along Morningside.

Thanks to Everett Jacklin, who is always there for us in our time(s) of need, Star Lake Woods Road and Hilltop Lane are now drivable, but Morningside Drive is still underwater.┬áPlease check in on your neighbours to ensure they’re ok.

The lake level also rose over 40 inches, causing many boats to either sink or float away (some with their docks attached!). If you’ve lost anything or found anything along your shoreline, please let us know, and we’ll post it on our ‘Lost & Found’ page.

Here are some photos from the last two days.

Star Lake Woods Washout

slw rd washout before

Star Lake Woods Fixed



Bottom of the Hill Washout


Bottom of the Hill Fixed


Big Hill Grooves


Big Hill Fixed



Morningside is still currently underwater at the low point, so keep tuned on that. We will provide email updates to our members.

Morningside Washout

And a photo of the calm this morning, but with a boat floating in the middle of the lake, still attached to a dock.



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